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Due to an increase in business, orders must be made and pre-paid at least 24hrs prior to desired pickup.

A $25.00 RUSH fee will be applied for ALL rushed orders.

Drop Cookies, Brownies and Rice Cereal Treats are all sold as a unit, no mixed orders are available.

*Due to the nature of this product, returns cannot be accepted.  In the case of unusually damaged cookies received, please contact us and we will issue a replacement or credit towards your next order. Final SALE


Our Signature Diamond Dust

(edible glitter) is INCLUDED on ALL cookie orders

for an extra boost of glam!

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Cookies, Brownies & Rice Cereal Treats


Date Night.jpg

Date Night (Strawberry & White Chip)

You provide the champagne and good company and we'll provide this ultimate strawberry and white chip cookie to make it a complete Date Night. What happens after that is up to you.

Boss Lady (Choc Hazelnut Coffee)

A lot of power is in this cookie...it's the kind of cookie that takes no guff, is running thangs and is simply a Boss Lady.  Take charge of this cookie and watch your mojo get stronger and stronger. Boss Lady...not a cookie for light weights!



Cocoville - (Deluxe Choc Chip)

Attention Chocolate Lovers!! These cookies have FOUR different types of chocolate chips in a chocolate based cookie...WHAAAAT?! Add  our signature Diamond Dust to the mix and OMG!




Playa-Playa (Pistachio and Cranberry)

This thick & chewy cookie has great texture between the crunch of the pistachios and the chewiness of the cranberries.  Taking note of how decked out this cookie is, that first bite will force you to shake your head and say, "Playa Playa"!




Memories (Standard Choc Chip & Walnut)

Each savory bite will fill you with those Memories of long ago when fresh cookies & hugs went hand in hand.  Best eaten when you can shed a tear or two over fond memories or simply the blissful taste.



Sista Dee (Peanut Butter, Oatmeal & Mini Choc Chip)

What a whirlwind of flavors inspired by gem of a lady. This Sista Dee cookie gives each of the main flavors a chance to shine while magically blending all together.  Can't pick a favorite of the three?  Good thing you don't have to when you can enjoy all three of these flavors in one tasty cookie!



Hula Girl (Macadamia Nut & White Choc Chip)

These Hula Girls are ready to dance...your challenge will be to see if you can keep from swaying as you indulge in this tropical delight.

Thick and chewy drop cookie with added nut crunch.


Lady In Red (Red Velvet)

This eye-catching lady will have you asking for the next dance...don't be surprised if you find yourself thinking about her throughout the day.



Family Reunion - (Banana Cream Pudding)

At almost every family gathering, someone brings banana pudding or banana cream pie.  This flavorful cookie is a culmination of BOTH!  Soft and chewy on the inside and covered with 'Nilla cookie crumbles on the outside, these Family Reunion cookies will give a sweet and delicious dose of nostalgia!


Java Tha Chunk (Coffee & Choc Chunk)

Raise your hand if you want Swirly-Twirly Eyes and a Sassy Pants disposition.

If soooo, these rich coffee infused cookies with the, "Slap Yo Mama" (seriously, don't try that), chunks of chocolate, are for you!




Pucker Up (Super Lemony) Cookies

Who doesn't like a little pucker up time? These super lemony cookies will have you ready for your next kissy-face selfie...who could resist? Add some Diamond Dust and your cookie will go from fab to FABULOUS!



Big Brother Jake (Chocolate & Peanut Butter)

If you double the chocolate, you HAVE to double the peanut butter, too!  We did just that in this deluxe Big Brother Jake cookie that has been likened to being an imposter brownie. Chocolate and peanut butter...has there been a more perfect match? We taste delicious wedding bells with beautifully paired glam...how about you?

Doo-Wop (Mini Choc Chip) 1.Sparkle.2.jpg


Doo-Wop (Mini Choc Chip)

Doo-Wop (Chocolate Chip) Cookies are Thick & Chewy and will likely have you doing the "Doo-Wop" while you eat them!



Raisin In The Sun (Oatmeal Raisin)

Oatmeal with mounds of raisins for added chewiness to this already thick & chewy delight.  Comforting and satisfying, Raisin In The Sun drop cookies are sure to take you back to a place of nostalgia with spices like cinnamon and , ginger and nutmeg.



Butta Baby (Peanut Butter)

Many have tried to resist the sultry ways of this peanut butter cookie, kissed with bits and pieces of peanuts. Can you eat just one or will the aroma alone hypnotize you?

Canoodle (Snickerdoodle)

This thick and chewy Snickerdoodle will delight your senses as your tongue tickles from all of the cinnamon goodness.  Who needs a Snickers when you can get right from a cookie...or ten.




Reign-Bow Rocks (Fruity Pebbles)

Who says cereal only goes in a bowl?  We say it's even better on a cookie!  A totally satisfying bite every time, these Reign-Bow Rocks offer a delish party in your mouth.  Diamond Dust sprinkled on each cookie  will have you doing a double take...is that a cookie or a disco ball??

Reign-Bow Rocks - Diamond Dust.jpg


of 12 Thick Brownies

Brown Eyed Girl (Classic Brownies)

Adoration is what you will feel as you stare into these Brown Eyed Girl (Brownies). These over-sized, thick & chewy mesmerizing brownies are the stuff that chocolate dreams are made of. We generously incorporate tons of customized deliciousness to create this delectable.



of 12 Thick Brownies

Cafe' Coquette (Java Brownies)

These flirty java infused brownies will have you hearing songs of Paris as they both calm and energize you. These over-sized, thick & chewy mesmerizing brownies are the stuff that chocolate dreams are made of. We generously incorporate tons of customized deliciousness to create this delectable.


The Nutty Ex (Walnut Brownies)

Kinda nutty like that ex you're all too happy to get away from, only these delights will have you beckoning them to stay.  Moist and textured, these over-sized, thick & chewy mesmerizing brownies are the stuff that chocolate dreams are made of. We generously incorporate tons of customized deliciousness to create this delectable.


of 12 Thick Bars

Coco Piggies (Bacon & Choc Chip)

Breakfast for dinner is GREAT...or any time of the day for that matter. Coco Piggies are a delicious balance of salty and sweet in a neat little bundle of yum.  Soft and chewy, these little piggies will have you smiling all the way home!


of 12 Thick Bars

Coco Piggies 2.jpg

Brick House (Crispy Cereal Treats)

Who doesn't love something solid to hold on to?  We know we do, and these Brick Houses are mighty-mighty, just letting all their marshmallows hang out.


of 12 Thick Bars


YOU get sprinkles and YOU get sprinkles and YOU get...well, you get the idea.  

For just a few more dollars sprinkled onto your order, you too can add Fiesta Fetti to ANY order...besides, who doesn't like a party in their mouth??


Add on to Any Order


Diamond Dust (Edible Glitter)

Who doesn't love a light show, especially when it is coupled with your favorite delectable??  Having a special event or looking to present THE PERFECT hostess gift?  Zhuzh up any event with this eye catching, dessert embellishment.  Everyone will swear the goodies were sprinkled with diamonds!





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