Inspiration From The Heart

The Reason Why We Exist... my mind, it is the soul of whatever it is you find, well...inspiring. For me, it’s the cliche’ of, “my mother is my inspiration.”


Because she was the most creative and versatile person I knew. Even to this day, I’m in awe of revelations I have of who she was as a woman...and as a creator. Mama was my very own example of an in-home innovator.

My hope is for all that indulge in these sugary escapes, to feel, taste and relish in the love that was used to make them. Nostalgia for the endearing memories and delight to their taste buds. As a delectable closer, I firmly believe that calories don’t exist in my confections so savor each bite, for reality is soon to follow. ;)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Growing up, my mother was the cook and baker, (among a million other things). I had little interest in the kitchen beyond what I could get away with eating. ​​

I didn’t really start baking until my mother passed in 2007, as it became one of the many ways I sought to remain connected to her. As a result, I discovered not only a talent with the whisk, but a true love and respect for all that she had lovingly baked over the years.

Fabulista Cookies is a business that originated out of Bellflower, CA and is now based out of Carson, CA. The World's 1st Glamour Cookie, Fabulista Cookies is owned and operated by the Baking Fabulista herself, Mrs. Jassy Dallas Childs.

Supported by her husband and young daughter, Jassy embraces the sweet adventures that awaits them.

Fabulista Cookies is an expression of my self-discovered love for baking, as well as the tip of my hat (and heart) to the woman who seemed to master it all after working through the struggles of being self-taught.

I too have sailed down the self-taught river and while it was flooded with some frustration and even a few cuss words, I’m grateful for what the scenic route has shown me. It tickles me to think that one day my daughter may share the same admiration I have for the craft.