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Winter flavors are here!

Ready to order something that's delicious and pleasing to the eye?  Head on over to our
Order Page to view our full menu.  

Cookies and Brownies that are delicious and sparkly?? YES, PLEASE!

We are the PERFECT gift for the person who has it all.



*Baby Showers



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The World's 1st Glamour Cookie!

Our gourmet cookies are baked to order to ensure absolute freshness.

We are a HOME BASED bakery

and keep NO BAKED GOODS on hand...yet.

(Bummer, right?? We know, we know.)

Our Gourmet Goodies...

Sista Dee bite.jpg
Brown Eyed Girl.3.jpg
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Our Products

Freshly measured, mixed, baked and packaged, you can be sure that the goodies you receive have not been sitting pre-made for days. 

A freshness and unfabricated home-made quality awaits you.

Let nostalgia be your friend, your transporter, your memory rouser.

Welcome to Fabulista Cookies!

Cocoville - 4 Choc Chip
TailGate - Peanut.Caramel.Pretzel
Canoodle Sparkle